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Touch paper
Write and paint
FEEL the real world
And learn to FOCUS

Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

Routine Courses: Calligraphy & Watercolor

Weekly Courses

Learning art involves observation, thinking, self reflection, and self-study on daily basis. We are happy to guide children and youth to observe the nature, to communicate with family and friends, and to play with art supplies. They will learn how to focus and fight against distractions. More important, they will learn how to appreciate beauty and friendship. 

We will guide children to make progress step by step. By the end of each month, we will work together to create one piece of art, frame it or decorate it, and display it at home. A photo of the work will be published on our gallery section upon their consent.

Feel free to sign up our routine courses. Our designed free toolkits are available for those who commit to learn for 4 weeks or more. 


Young Leonardo Watercolor Workshops

8 Sessions in 2021

In Young Leonardo Watercolor Workshops,  each time children will be guided to create a piece of artwork on their own.

Currently we only provide virtual sessions for safety reasons. We provide no more than five (5) spots for each session, so that every child would get plenty of attention from the instructor.

Each session lasts for one hour. The workshop allows children to learn one or two key technique; the majority of time will be spent on practice and creation of the art work.

For children who sign up for the full year workshops, a toolkit will be provided.

Image by Jude Beck

Fountain Pen Calligraphy Workshops (Chinese)

12 Sessions in 2021

The Fountain pen calligraphy series are designed for two age groups: 

  • A (5-8 yrs)

  • B (9-16 yrs)

The fountain pen sessions will provide children an opportunity to create a piece of art by using the techniques they learn throughout the one hour. They can proudly display the artwork in their room if they like. 

Children who signs up for four sessions will receive a beautiful toolkit. 


Brush Calligraphy Workshops (Chinese)

10 Sessions in 2021

The brush calligraphy series are designed for young people between the age of  9 and 16. 

The young people will create a piece of art by using the techniques that they learn during the hour. Afterwards they can proudly display it in their room. We will also introduce some unique resources for them to explore.

Anyone who signs up for four sessions will receive a beautiful toolkit.



Traditional Calligraphy (English)

We are planning and designing two sessions for the year of 2021.

More details will be provided in end April. Stay tuned and see you soon!

[Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexel.]

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