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Together Let's Focus

Feel the Real World

Learning art involves observation, thinking, self reflection, and self-study on daily basis. 

We are happy to guide young people to observe the nature, to communicate with family and friends, and to play with art supplies. 

They will learn how to focus and fight against distractions. More important, they will learn how to appreciate beauty and friendship. 

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Our Team

We are educators, artists, playmates.


Joy Wei

Founder of Duckling Art

Calligrapher (Oriental)

Course Designer

Joy is the founder of Duckling Art. She is passionate about calligraphy and various types of visual art. Joy is eager to educate young people and to share experience with her peers.


Simon Lyu


Senior Calligrapher (Oriental)


Simon is a professional calligrapher and the owner of Yunsong Calligraphy Studio. He has more than 30 years practical experience. Simon is specialized in Kaishu (regular script) and Xingshu (running script). Simon's marvelous artworks have earned him multiple prizes at national competitions and have been selected for nationwide exhibitions. 


Ryan Xiao


Artist & Instructor

Course Designer (Watercolor)

Ryan is specialized in oil painting and watercolor. He has been teaching children visual art, mainly watercolor, for more than five years. Families recognize him as a reliable and patient instructor. Ryan's goal is to continue to be a mentor and provide long-term support to children.


Wei Shi


Course Designer (Culture)

Wei is a mother and an educator. She has a BSc degree from Nanjing Normal University majoring in Mathematics. Wei has been teaching Chinese in Germany for more than ten years. Wei is passionate, curious, humble, and creative. She speaks Mandarin, German, and English.

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Together Let's Build.


Ray Dai


Ray is a talented Grade 7/8 student living in Fredonia, NY, USA. Currently, Ray is the lead editor of Duckling Art's WeChat Publication. He also manages the social media apps for Duckling Art.


Leon Rettig

Producer of Online Courses

Leon is a smart and creative high-school student living in Berlin, Germany. He speaks fluent German, English, and Mandarin. He is a quick learner and critical thinker.

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